This part of the archive is growing continuously with a selection of notebooks from 2009 to the present date.

Future and past ideas / Unrealized thoughts / Diary entries / Diagrams / Photographs / Dreams and songs. All of the above (and more) lives now inside these sketchbooks and journals.

They allow me to forget. Once thoughts are transferred into their pages, my mind gets released and ready to fill its emptiness once again.

I have been fascinated by the powerful synthesizing force of diagrams. They are –in Michel Foucault's words–, machines of abstraction.

Diagrams have been essential tools for me to understand, arrange, design, and translate from one medium into another.

When I was six years old, my mom brought to our house a brand-new Commodore 64 computer. That was my first contact with computer code.

Over the years –without expecting it– computer code became an important component of my creative practice (Pascal, Actionscript, HTML, PHP, Processing, SuperCollider, Javascript, CSS, Phyton).

Here is a selection of code-related items used in data visualizations, sound-generating machines, performance visuals, traditional prints, amongst others.

The items below have found their way out of the computer screen into the physical world: postcards, books, exhibition catalogs, class syllabi, posters, amongst others.

During a certain time, whenever I wanted to learn something new, I organized a course around it. I met terrific students and learned so much from them. They kept my mind young and refreshed.

A teacher should have unconditional faith in the student's work (or its potential), especially when the student does not. For this reason, many of these workshops resulted in exhibitions, books, and performances.

Below is a brief selection of both graduate and undergraduate-level courses taught in Mexico City and the U.S. Most of these courses approach computer code, art, and design with a different twist for every iteration.

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Juan Manuel Escalante (2009 - present)

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The archive is continuously growing with new photographs/projects, and other previously unclassified material.


Cover Image from the Radical Listener project.


I am an artist working with sound, electronics, drawings, and computer code.

In 2009, I became a lecturer in the Master and PhD Program in Architecture at Mexico's oldest university (UNAM), where I founded its first Media Lab. My work from that period used heavily computer code for live performance, installations, 2D/3D prints and other screen-based work. A selection of that period can be found in my old studio website Realität.

In 2014, I moved to California (US) to pursue my PhD studies in Media Arts and Technology at UCSB. Here, I delved deeply into my explorations with electronic sounds and analog drawings.

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Artist Statement

I have used diagrams as a means to parse the inner and outside world (if there is such a distinction). These maps have led the way into different directions >> sound (x), performance (•), screen-based work (/)... Whenever I find myself visiting one destination too frequently, I exercise contrast and switch to a different domain. This promotes movement and avoids physical and creative paralysis.

In the age of ones and zeros, I have embraced code and electronics as a meeting point, without forgetting my hands and what they can do in our –still– tangible reality. With time, all of these outputs have rescripted one another. My work today is a consequence of these transformative mechanisms with all their chaos, dynamics and poetics.



2017-2020 National System of Art Creators / National Endowment for the Arts (MEX)

2019-2020 Olivia Long Converse Graduate Fellowship / University of California (US)

2019 Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program (US)

2014-2017 UC International Regent Fellow / University of California (US)

2016 Corwin Award · 1st prize · Electronic-Acoustic Composition / Music Department (US)

2013 Young Creator Award /National Endowment for the Arts (MEX)

2013 Data Journalism Awards · Finalist / Global Editors Network - World Summit (FRA) (MEX)

2011 Young Creator Award /National Endowment for the Arts (MEX)

2011 Best Electronic Art Piece · 1st prize / ArteShock. TVUNAM (MEX)

2005 V OFFF Film Fest · Official Selection / OFFF Festival (ESP)

2002 and 2003 Best Multimedia Application / National University of Mexico (MEX)

About this website

This website has been conceived as an archival platform, featuring work and projects from 2009 to the current date. Since a significant portion of work has been stored in different sketchbooks and journals, they can also be browsed individually. Not all pages from those journals are available online. All items are searchable. A considerable amount of images do not belong to any specific project. They can be found by tag or medium.

The reproduction of any original work featured on this archive is forbidden, unless with the written/electronic approval of Juan Manuel Escalante.


A performance for live electronics and fixed media. rockets leave the earth and say goodbye.





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All of the original material featured on this electronic archive is the product of an ongoing artistic search.

Its academic use is permitted for scholarly articles and/or lectures. Any other use, must have the written approval of Juan Manuel Escalante.




I am profoundly grateful to have met kind and wise teachers and mentors during different stages of my life. Their thoughtful and kind approach towards academia and teaching overall stays with me in every class I teach. Each one of them has pointed my sights towards new horizons. In alphabetical order:

Iván Abreu,
Miguel Arenas Vargas,
Lawrence English,
María Elena Hernández,
Marko Peljhan,
Victor Luis Porter Galetar,
Pablo Quintero,
Curtis Roads,
Ernesto Romero Mariscal Guasp,
Álvaro Sánchez.